By Megan MacDonald



If they’re being honest – every hockey fan has found themselves praying to the Hockey Gods at some point, especially during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. On the eve of Game One of the Eastern Conference Final, we had the chance to chat with the Hockey Gods. Twitter’s favourite anonymous account @HockeyGods that is – about their 13.5K followers, female hockey fans, and of course who has the Hockey Gods on their side.

The Pink Puck: What made you decide to become a God?

Hockey God: I’ve always prayed to them and seen tons of people talk/tweet about the Hockey Gods so I was really surprised to see that no one had made a twitter account about it so I went for it!

The Pink Puck: Did you expect it to blow up like it has?

Hockey God: I knew the account had tons of potential and I definitely knew I could get this far, however I didn’t expect for it to grow this quickly!

The Pink Puck: What was your reaction when you saw that first NHL team following you?

Hockey God: At first I got super excited, but then the nerves kicked in because I realized that I had guaranteed them a win that night. (They won)

The Pink Puck: Do you plan on making any other twitter accounts?

Hockey God: I actually have another twitter account already called @HockeyTumblr! However, making a third account has always been something I’ve had in mind.

The Pink Puck: Who’s side are the Hockey Gods on in the playoffs?

Hockey God: I’ve always tried to be non-biased but if I had to pick, then the teams that follow me.

The Pink Puck: Do you have any favourite Twitter accounts?

Hockey God: There are a lot of really funny accounts, so pretty much all the accounts that I follow on the account.

The Pink Puck: Does the god play hockey?

Hockey God: Of course- Played it my entire life!

The Pink Puck: If you had to have a last supper, which players past or present would you want at the meal?

Hockey God: Herb Brooks, Tim Horton, Maurice Richard and the rest of the Hockey Gods!

The Pink Puck: If you could get anyone to follow you, who would it be?

Hockey God: @BizNasty2point0 (Coyotes Paul Bissonnette)

The Pink Puck: Are you Canadian or American?

Hockey God: I’m Canadian but I travel to the States a lot as well.

The Pink Puck: What do you think of female hockey fans?

Hockey God: Awesome! Especially if they know the game better than some of the guys!

The Pink Puck: What was the best @ reply you’ve ever received?

Hockey God: There’s been way too many for me to list, but when a team replies to me, the tweet is usually really funny!

The Pink Puck: Who is your favourite follower?

Hockey God: All of them are awesome but definitely the people who have been following for a while.

The Blackhawks host the Kings for Game One of the Western Conference final at 2 PM (PT) while the Bruins take on the Penguins in Pittsburgh in Game One of the Eastern Conference Final at 5 PM (PT).



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