When one thinks of hockey, it’s not often their mind jumps to the Harlem Shake, but recently more and more teams are trying their hand at the latest dance craze. The Oklahoma City Barons – the Edmonton Oilers AHL affiliate are no exception. Just last week some “security footage” from the teams store was leaked onto the Barons website, and 12,000 plus views later it’s already a Harlem Shake classic. YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 - No longer available


We had a chance to talk to Colten Teuburt – the video’s ring leader – about the upcoming WHL Draft, playing with the Oilers and of course, the Harlem Shake.

The Pink Puck: You were drafted first over all to the Regina Pats back in 2005, with the WHL Bantam Draft coming up, do you have any advice for eligible players?

Colten Teuburt: I would say just don’t look into it too much. Obviously I was the highest pick and I was obviously pretty developed back then, I was tall and big and strong, but I think for young kids who are just playing to really focus on being positive – cause a lot of players who don’t get drafted go on to be better players than those who are drafted. I think they should just stay positive – if they don’t get drafted just keep working and if you do just don’t take it for granted.

The Pink Puck: I can imagine moving from White Rock to Regina at 14 was pretty hard, do you have an advice for players who will have to do the same next season?

Colten Teuburt: I actually liked it, I mean it was a good way to grow up fast. Obviously you get put in a situation that’s more uncomfortable than your own household. Where you’re living with billets and obviously meeting new guys from around the western league. It was a good experience and I think some advice would be to just have fun with it and be yourself.

The Pink Puck: With 55 games in the books, how do you feel this season has gone so far?

Colten Teuburt: It’s kind of been an up and down, I mean we’re just battling right now to get into a playoff spot. Obviously our main focus is to make the playoffs. It was a little different, having the NHL guys down for a bit. I’m obviously trying to work my way back up there so that’s just the way it was with the lockout, but it’s been fun so far.

The Pink Puck: Having played 24 games with the Oilers last season did that help develop a team chemistry during the lockout when a few of your teammates were sent down?

Colten Teuburt: Yeah I think so, I also played with [Jordan] Eberle during the World Juniors and obviously on the [Regina] Pats, so I knew him, but with Hallsy [Taylor Hall] and [Ryan] Nugent-Hopkins, those guys – it was nice to play with those guys again because they’re really good players and we obviously enjoyed having time with them in OKC.

The Pink Puck: Did having NHL players in the league create any new rivalries?

Colten Teuburt: I think it stayed the same. Obviously the league was a lot better than it was. I mean every team was good, there were no off teams so it was nice to have that kind of competitiveness in the AHL. This is a really good league here.

The Pink Puck: Who’s idea was it to do a Harlem Shake video?

Colten Teuburt: That was one of our PR guys. Everybody knows I’m the funny dancer in the dressing room kind of jokester, so they chose me and I just made up some stuff. It worked out being pretty funny.

The Pink Puck: Have you seen any other hockey versions?

Colten Teuburt: I honestly didn’t know what the Harlem Shake was until I filmed it that day. I haven’t really seen any other versions.


The OKC Barons aren’t the only players having some fun with the Harlem Shake, the Kitchener Rangers of the Ontario Hockey League made their own take on it.

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The Harlem Shake is fun for all ages, here’s the Midwest Express – a squirt level travel hockey team from Indiana – they seem to enjoy it too.

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It’s not just for players, us reporters are always up for a little fun. Here’s the crew from TSN SportsCentre having a go at it.

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Columbus Bluejackets’ Ice Crew isn’t leaving it to the players, they’re shaking it themselves!

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But of course…the Harlem Shake isn’t for everyone.

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That’s alright, we still love you James Duthie.


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