The Leafs, who have not won a Stanley Cup since 1967, are worth $250 million more than the next most valuable franchise, the New York Rangers. Stanley Cup champions the Los Angeles Kings are worth $276 million, 10th overall according to Forbes Magazine.

The average NHL team is now worth $282 million, 18% more than one year ago. The spread between the rich and poor teams is dramatic. The top five teams – Maple Leafs ($1 billion), New York Rangers ($750 million), Montreal Canadiens ($575 million), Chicago Blackhawks ($350 million) and Boston Bruins ($348 million) are worth $605 million on average. On the other hand, the least valuable Carolina Hurricanes ($162 million), New York Islanders ($155 million), Columbus Blue Jackets ($145 million), Phoenix Coyotes ($134 million) and St. Louise Blues ($130 million) are worth just $145 million on average.

Sunshine states have had enough time to prove that the viability does not work. In time, Quebec will soon have a team, where ground has already been broken for a new area. The City of Seattle has approved a new area, and Portland, where minor league hockey is ever popular, are better cities to house NHL teams than Arizona, North Carolina and Florida where they have remained in the red for some time.


She was hooked after the first shot off her aluminum Gretzky hockey stick at 13 years old. Growing up playing competitive hockey in Vancouver, British Columbia has inspired her to coach in addition to playing. She is currently the Vice President and Assistant Coach of her alma mater Simon Fraser University for the women's ice hockey club. Upon graduating with a BBA, she has found a way combine her love of sports, mainly hockey, with her career. She has worked with the BC Lions and still works for the Canucks for Kids Fund on game days coordinating one the best 50/50 programs in the NHL. In a nutshell - Ovechkin over Crosby, Vancouver Canucks are my #1, New York Rangers are my #2...and she bakes cakes (the Cake Boss type).



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