The ESPN Uni Watch Power Rankings recently ranked every team from the NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB based solely on their jerseys. There are 122 teams in the running and  6 NHL teams cracked the top 25. Most notably an NHL team made the first overall spot.  According to Uni Watch Power Rankings the Montreal Canadiens have the greatest jersey in all of major league sports.

Their reasoning for that ?
“Proud standard-bearers for a league, a sport, a nation and now for the uni-verse as well, the Habs have it all: an iconic logo, two distinct but equally classic uni designs (it’s odd that the wraparound chest stripe only appears on the home jersey, but the road design works fine without it), and an ideal balance of red, white and blue. This isn’t just a perfect hockey uniform set — it’s a perfect uniform set, period. Unlike the old-school classics in the other sports (Yankees, Celtics, Raiders), it has some major visual pizzazz. Puts the biscuit in the basket, and then some.”

The other NHL teams that cracked the top 25 are The Bruins at 5, The Rangers at 11, The Red Wings at 15, The Flyers at 17 and the Leafs at 23.

Now being the resident Habs fan here at the Pink Puck I was elated to discover that thinks that they have the best jersey.  I know that I happily rock the Bleu, Blanche, Rouge.

Curious to see where your favourite hockey team ranked on the list? Check it out here.


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