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Problem: One of my all time favorite post ice, post workout, on the go snacks is apples with cinnamon and sugar. One of my all time least favorite things, is when the apples turn brown and the syrup that cinnamon and sugar apples make if not eaten right away. In case you were wondering, the amount of time spent on the ice is pretty much perfect for creating the apple mess. Quite the predicament, when it’s your go-to snack of choice everyday.

Cinnamon Sugar Bag, Apple rubber banded!

Solution: Cut your apple with an apple cutter and then rubber band it back together, it still looks like an apple, just sliced and diced! With the slices still “together” they aren’t exposed to air and your apple will stay crisp and white. Drop your apple in a sandwich bag, wrap it in saran wrap, pop it in a container- whatever works. Next, put your cinnamon sugar mixture in a Ziploc sandwich bag. Throw your apple, and cinnamon sugar bag into your purse, hockey bag, backpack and head to the rink. When you hit the locker room or even your car, pop off the rubber band, throw your apple in the cinnamon sugar Ziploc and shake.

Perfect apple slices 🙂 YUM!


Voila, cinnamon sugar apples the way they were meant to be eaten!


Winter was hooked on hockey by age 6, when she first witnessed a bench clearing brawl between the Boston Bruins and the Ottawa Senators. Growing from hockey fan to hockey player, Winter followed her passions by founding The Pink Puck. While she also loves fashion and the outdoors, hockey will always be her center ice. Email: winter@thepinkpuck.com Twitter: @Winter_Adams



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