It might be the off season and it might be too hot to wear your jersey; that doesn’t mean your team support should stop. Here is a Pittsburgh Penguins look that allows you to bask in the summer sun and still support your favourite hockey team.  This look unlike many other Team looks of the week gives you options. This look can take you from the pool to a party all while supporting your favourite team.

This look provides you with a Penguins bikini and cover-up to wear while lounging by the pool and a simple yet chic maxi dress to wear around town. This look comes accessorized with everything you need to look fashionable by the pool, most importantly the sun screen because skin cancer is never chic.

Just like always if you don’t have something here don’t sweat just use what you have, this look is just a guideline. If you love this look and aren’t a Penguins fan just swap out the Penguins stuff to fit your team colours and logo. Hope you enjoyed it.

Pittsburgh Peguins Beach Look



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