Cam Janssen has never been known as the classiest guy in the NHL and he will probably never win the Lady Bing. However Janssen has hit an all-time low this week with homophobic and sexist comments he made on the Thom and Jeff show a podcast in his home city St.Louis.  The comments did not stop at homophobia and sexism; Janssen also commented on intentionally hurting players.

These comments have caused an outrage on the internet be it from those offended by the comments or those very select few that came out in support of Janssen.  Here is a look at the comments that prompted all of this outrage.

Warning the comments may offend some:

Sexist Comments made by Janssen

(The host compares losing in the Stanley Cup final to the L.A Kings like the first time he “banged” a fat broad)

Janssen: “Damn fat broads, man.”

Host: “So the L.A. Kings are the fat broads?”

Janssen: “They are. They’re the fat broads that you regret bangin’, and I’ve been there and done that.”


Comments on intentional injury

Janssen: “But you wanna be scary. You wanna put the fear of f****n’ God in people’s eyes, and not just, ‘Oh, I’m gonna beat you up’ — no, ‘I’m gonna catch you with your f****n’ head down and hurt you because you’re not gonna know I’m comin’, because I know how to hit.’ Fighting guys is one thing because I know, ‘Oh, I won’t fight you. I’ll just turtle.’ Whatever. But if you have the puck and you know how to hit and you can hurt guys with hits like I know how to do, that’s what puts the fear of God into people.”


Homophobic Comments

Host: “But if the guy was suckin’ c**k four weeks ago, you’re gonna let him know about it?”

Janssen: “Oh, if he’s suckin’ c**k, he’s gettin’ his a** kicked


This season many players have spoken out against homophobia with the You Can Play organization. Countless big names have made videos for the You Can Play organization such as Steven Stamkos, Zdeno Chara, Claude Giroux, Henrik Lundqvist , Rick Nash, Carey Price and countless others those videos can be found here. Co-Founder Patrick Burke the son of Toronto Maple Leaf GM went to twitter to offers his thoughs on the Janssen comments; Patrick Burke tweeted “If players weren’t using this language, we wouldn’t have launched. Changing the culture is a slow process- requires patience”.

This season the NHL had put forth an effort to eradicate intentional injury, hits to the head and malicious violence after serious concussions had been linked to player suicides. The comments made by the Devils right winger are a philosophy that reigns all too true throughout his career. Intent to injure on late hits or just plain old dirty hits can be seen here given to Matt Bradley, the almost always Zen Carey Price and worst of all Tomas Kaberle.

Cam Janssen could not stop with the word vomit. If Sean Avery was suspended for his sloppy seconds comment Janssen should be seeing a lengthy suspension for these comments. As someone a part of a professional sports team Janssen does not only represent himself; what he does reflects badly upon the Devils, The NHL and hockey as a whole. The NHL owes it to its fan base and all those offended to slap a hefty fine and suspension on Cam Janssen for this.

Expect to see an insincere apology for Janssen issues soon and potentially a sincere one from Lou Lamoriello and the New Jersey Devils organization.

The video was promptly removed from YouTube after the story broke. For those interested for the time being the interview can be found here. However a warning must be issued as the video contains a large amount of profane language and inappropriate topics.



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