This week there is a younger spin of the team look. This look is for our younger reader or Moms looking to dress their daughters in cute, fashionable hockey related clothing. The team highlighted this week would be the classiest organization in the league, the Detroit Red Wings.

This look isn’t a Red Wings overload, it allows for the wearer to look pretty without looking like she is tailgating. The subtle Red Wings hints with the wristlet bag, the jewelry and pins for the cardigan (If the wearer is old enough) show support for the Red Wings.  As per usual the colour scheme was kept Red Wings focused.  This look can work for any young girl regardless of her age group she will look cute and chic while supporting her favourite team.

If you like this look and want more let us know in the comments or via email.  Just like always if you don’t have something here don’t sweat just use what you have, this look is just a guideline. If you love this look and aren’t a Red Wings fan just swap out the Red Wings stuff to fit your team colours and logo. Hope you enjoyed it.

Girls Red Wings Look


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