The team look of the week goes in the NHL’s damsel in distress the Phoenix Coyotes. This look is a cute and casual way to support your favourite hockey team all year round. While DOANing (see what I did there) this outfit you will scream fashionable, casual, edgy and most obviously a Yotes fan.  This season sheer shirts have been everywhere, pair that with the always chic lace on the shorts and the edgy Sam Edleman oxfords and this outfit is a winner. The rings and clutch punch this outfit up and dress it up just enough to balance out the playful air the headband adds.

Just like always if you don’t have something here don’t sweat just use what you have, this look is just a guideline. If you love this look and aren’t a Coyotes fan just swap out the Coyotes stuff to fit your team colours and logo. Hope you enjoyed it.

Phoenix Coyotes Look


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