It’s a million degrees outside and there is no place you’d rather be, than in a rink. Sadly, that’s not an option and you’ll have to settle for other venues to beat the heat. In reality a day at the beach would be perfect, but not everyone lives near the ocean. So whether you cool off at the beach, lake, ocean or pool, you can do it in style while rooting for the home team.

Obviously with soaring temperatures, wearing a hockey jersey isn’t an option. It can be hard to wear team gear during the warmer months, so opting for a similar team color scheme is the easiest choice. For this weeks look, we chose a light flowing summer dress. A flowing sundress easily conceals a bathing suit underneath, which equals a no hassle change when you arrive at your destination.

You aren’t handcuffed to the boring old flip flop. A cute pair of sandals that are easy to get on and off, will keep the look going even after you’ve spent the day on the water. A large tote bag can do double time as a purse and a carry all for whatever you might need. We chose a canvas bag with rope handle, canvas is easy to wipe down or throw in the wash.

A team snap back can show your allegiance while protecting your face from the sun. The snap back allows you to loop your hair through the back in the event you go out on the water; large sunhats don’t have that benefit.

Have fun mixing and matching your summer essentials, grab a reusable water bottle with your teams logo on it, a towel that screams GO Bruins (or whatever team you support), SUNSCREEN, and a good hockey book.

With this look, we also added a yoga mat. Perhaps an odd choice at first glance, but let us assure you, it’s not. Yoga mats are great to throw down on the ground underneath your towel. They’re easy to wash and they keep your towel clean and dry. We chose a yoga mat with a washable carrying case, the case allows you to keep your hands free for carrying all the other “beach” essentials.

As always, have fun with the look. If you don’t cheer for the Bruins, change the color scheme to the team that holds your heart.


Winter was hooked on hockey by age 6, when she first witnessed a bench clearing brawl between the Boston Bruins and the Ottawa Senators. Growing from hockey fan to hockey player, Winter followed her passions by founding The Pink Puck. While she also loves fashion and the outdoors, hockey will always be her center ice. Email: Twitter: @Winter_Adams



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