There’s something about seeing a player hoist the Cup that gives you shivers. It’s that inexplicable moment where you find yourself transported to the ice wherever you may be. Tonight, the Kings won Stanley and over 2 million people had goose bumps. It doesn’t really matter if it’s your team skating around the rink to monstrous cheers with equally as monstrous playoff beards. For hockey fans, winning the cup symbolizes a lifetime of hard work, passion, dedication and sacrifice. It is a legacy shared by every person who has ever laced up, driven to the rink at five am, or pulled on a jersey. For the 584 LA alumni tonight’s victory represents 45 years of fervent devotion.
Time stood still as greats shook hands, the defeated Devils deflated but standing tall. Martin Brodeur and Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Quick’s embrace represented not only a hard fought battle but a symbolic passing of the torch with both goalies driving their respective teams to excellence. An elated Darryl Sutter, who began his coaching career 20 years to the day, proudly raised his first Stanley Cup to exalted roars. The LA boys beamed, most unable to describe the euphoric sensation. Appropriately, Boston’s More Than a Feeling blared throughout Staples Center.
And so we all watched (some may have even shed a tear) as the Kings were crowned tonight, because we love the game and it’s the Cup.


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