Last May, I spent two wonderful weeks couch-hopping my way around the Greater Toronto Area. I ate my weight in poutine and Timmies, shopped at some adorable boutiques, and, most notably, touched Lord Stanley’s Cup. It was a surreal experience, really; standing in the middle of a room at the Hockey Hall of Fame, my hand placed gently on something worth more than any possession or memory I’ve ever owned. I thought about all of the legends who’d placed their hands in the same place my left hand was. The Great One, Yzerman, Orr… and then, a terrible thought checked me into the proverbial boards.

“Did you just jinx the Red Wings?”

Now, I have to say, I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in fate, karma, rituals, gods, or anything that isn’t science. However, something in my head was telling me that my silly gesture may have prematurely ended a season that hadn’t even started yet.

Fast forward to now, and the Wings are right behind Nashville in the Western Conference standings, which puts them in fifth place. This season has been a roller coaster, filled with long losing streaks and a record setting 23 straight home win streak. Currently stationed at 92 points, the Wings will have to get at least 8 points out of their remaining 9 games. It’s likely the team will make the playoffs, but “likely” just isn’t good enough for me.

I’m not saying my touching of the cup has anything to do with my team being inconsistent, but it does make me wonder whether or not a hockey god does exist, and if she’s not a fan of those of us who don’t “wait our turn”.


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