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I know we all hate to admit it, but whether it be a losing streak, a scoring slump or just down right bad luck, sometimes it’s hard to keep the faith. For diehard puckers, certain games can be almost painful to watch, sadly reminiscent of past hopeless relationships. Not to worry, here are ten easy ways to rekindle that fanatic flame.

Visualize the beginning
Remember the rush and excitement you felt when your favourite team took the ice? Focus on that nostalgic moment and inner sense of Christmas morning joy when you watch your boys play questionable hockey. Memories of pulling on your first team jersey trump any plummeting playoff hope.

Stop criticizing
It may be a hard task, but over criticizing pushes your favourite fighters into a “not good enough for you” category. Our super skaters are not super human and, as much as we sometimes like to believe otherwise, can be defeated. Don’t concentrate on the negative.

Look to the future
So…, it’s a rebuilding year. Look to farm teams and upcoming prospects to boost your loyalty. Bear in mind your team’s long-term potential. Maybe that trade for a 2nd round draft pick will eventually prove beneficial.

Have realistic expectations
They may be young but your skaters have heart. The sheer amount of selfless practice and hard work toward betterment is a testament to their commitment. Only one team can win the cup but that doesn’t stop your players from trying.

Focus on the positive
Your team may not be number one. They may not even be number 8, but there are always the positives. Look to your team stats; top scorers, plus/minus, PIM’s, face-off percentage to inject that fabulous fan fuel.

Realize it takes work
Like all good relationships being a fan requires perseverance and jumping ship like an Italian sea captain is not appropriate. Supporting through thick and thin takes hard work. Plus, you will incur some serious bragging rights when your team shines.

Appreciate your team
Take time to recognize what your team does for you and what you like about them. It may not be your team’s year but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy watching every game with friends in a social atmosphere. Have a cheers to your boys with friends; they may not win but you’ll have a great time!

Some things are out of your control
We all coach from the couch. And sometimes, certain lines, starters and goalies drive us mad. Remember YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL. And although sometimes it feels like watching a train wreck, these guys are paid the big bucks to make magic happen. Try to sit back and enjoy the ride.

It may not be their year but that’s ok. Don’t feel like you are stuck in a desolate downward spiral. Some years are much more challenging than others. Stick with your passion because you are not a fair-weathered fan.

Retail Therapy
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