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The hockey terms for this week are GoonBoarding and Blocked Shot.

Goon: A goon is a type of player also called an enforcer, a tough guy or a fighter. The primary role of this player is to respond to or prevent violence against his teammates, generally star players or goaltenders.  A goon is a player that may not necessarily be skilled in many areas on the ice other than fighting.

Boarding:  Boarding is when a player checks another violently or aggressively into the boards. Boarding is an illegal move in hockey. A major penalty is often given if the player that got boarded in hurt, although if no injury is sustained a minor penalty can be given. The severity of the penalty given is at the discretion of the referee.

Blocked Shot: A blocked shot is exactly what it sounds like, a shot blocked by any player other than the goaltender. Although often the player that blocks the most shots on a team is a defenseman. Blocked shots are a statistic kept by the NHL.



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