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This week’s terms are Dump and Chase, Chirp and Crosscheck.

Dump and Chase: Dump and Chase is an offensive hockey play. The premise of the play is to dump the puck into the offensive zone. Then aggressively chase the puck in hopes of gaining possession to set up a scoring chance. Although not exciting and often regarded as boring it can be quite effective for a team with offensive speed and defensive size.

Chirp: Although a chirp can be considered joking around, in today’s NHL a chirp is generally considered trash talking. Chirping usually takes play just prior or post a fight.

Crosscheck: A crosscheck is when a player hits another with the shaft of their hockey stick while holding it with two hands, usually positioning the stick horizontally. A crosscheck is an illegal move in hockey. Most often punishable by a minor penalty; although on occasion if sever a major penalty can be given.


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