This week its back to the western conference; the Kings are up. With this look, I thought I would play into the colour scheme of royalty. They are the Kings right? Purple and gold seem to be notoriously associated with royalty; I heavily played upon those two for this look. I know the Kings do not have gold in their logo but a little fashion rebellion every now and again never hurt anyone.

The Kings element is not only brought into this via the obvious shirt, but also with the smaller details like lapel pins. Pair this with a forever fashionable leopard print cardigan and a good faux-leather jacket and you’re good to go. Just like always if you don’t have something here don’t sweat just use what you have, this look is just a guideline. If you love this look and aren’t a kings fan just swap out the Kings stuff to fit your teams colours and logo. Hope you enjoyed it.

Go Kings.



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