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The Pink Puck is aimed to bring awareness to the sport of hockey, with a female spin. While we generally focus on the NHL, it never hurts to bring new fans to the ice. Perhaps you have a vast knowledge of the game or maybe you’re looking to expand your hockey 101.

For some people their is a defining memory that brought you to love the game. Mine was a bench clearing, goalies included brawl between the Boston Bruins and Ottawa Senators from the first glove hitting the ice, I was hooked. It also didn’t hurt to have brothers who played and loved the game either.

For others you were born into loving the sport. It’s safe to say that my little sister falls into the second aforementioned category. Like many fans she’s new to hockey and learning on a daily basis. Striving to be like her big sister in all categories hockey. But hockey doesn’t often come easy and asking countless questions is normalcy in our household. Building hockey knowledge and confidence in a young girl is an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up.

Learning to love hockey can begin at any age, you just need someone to light the lamp. Although that someone may have initially been Joey the Jr. Reporter from the Blackhawks/NHL Network; I don’t exactly have the pull to help my sister out in her crush category. So, I’ll do my best in helping her understand all things hockey.

Welcome to the world of Hockey 101 with Mini Me!

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Winter was hooked on hockey by age 6, when she first witnessed a bench clearing brawl between the Boston Bruins and the Ottawa Senators. Growing from hockey fan to hockey player, Winter followed her passions by founding The Pink Puck. While she also loves fashion and the outdoors, hockey will always be her center ice. Email: winter@thepinkpuck.com Twitter: @Winter_Adams



  1. Hi Winter this is your little sister I’m her mini me and now I’m famous because I’m on the internet yeah

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