Here at the Pink Puck we know that sometimes a girl can get tired of the same old jersey & jeans combination. Have you ever wondered how to dress fashionably but still support your home team? We have your solution. Once a week we will provide you with different ways to wear your team gear. Have team spirit but still look like the fashionista we know you are.

The first team we have chosen to highlight would be The Philadelphia Flyers. Sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to wear her jersey or a t-shirt. Why not try supporting your team with a scarf instead? Not only do they look cute but they give you the added warmth you’ll need in the chilly arena. This needn’t be followed exactly. Think of it more as a guideline. Scared of horizontal stripes? Thick knit cardigans not your thing? You can always swap them out for something else. Mix and match with things from your own closet. Have fun with it!

To get the look or just a piece of it:



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